Items We Need

Individual Serving Protein

Tuna & Cracker Lunch Pack (4oz or less)

Canned Chicken (5oz)

Canned Ham (i.e. Hormel)(5oz)

Peanut Butter "To Go" Pack (1.5oz)

Individual Serving / Microwaveable Meals

Instant Soup Cups or Packets (less than 3oz)

Beef Stew (8oz or less)

Mac & Cheese (2oz or less)

Spaghetti & Meatballs/Lasagna/Ravioli etc. (8ox or less)

Backed Beans (8ox or less)

Instant Rice Cups, 3 oz. or less

Liquids / Drinks

Shelf Stable Liquid Low Fat Milk (8oz)

100% Juice (6oz or less)


Oatmeal Packets (2oz or less)

Cold Cereal Boxes or Cups (less than 1.8oz per box)

Individual "To Go" Serving

Fruit Cups ex. Apple Sauce (4oz)

Raisins or Other Dried Fruit (1oz or less)

Jell-O and Pudding Cups (4oz)

Vegetable Cup/Can ex. Green Beans (8oz or less)

Protein Breakfast/Granola Bars (approx 1,4 oz)

Peanut Butter/Cheese & Cracker Pack (1.5oz or less)

Pretzels (1oz or less)

100 Calorie Snack Packs (1oz or less)

Goldfish Crackers Packs (1oz or less)

Hot Chocolate Packets (1oz or less)

Popcorn/Microwave Popcorn (1oz or less)


Considerations for food items in back pack: total weight of back pack, individual servings, nutritional benefits, non-perishable items, easy to prepare, no glass containers, no expired foods please.

"Short List" - September 2017

Meats and Stews

 Chicken, Ham, Beef Stew (5 oz. or less)   

Breakfast Items

 Cold cereal, boxes or cups (2 oz. or less)

Canned Vegetables and Fruits

Corn, green beans, mixed, carrots, 8 oz. or less (1.5 Oz Fruit cups, 4 oz. or less)


Peanut butter “To Go” (1.5 oz), Jell-O and pudding snack cups (4 oz.)   


Instant rice cups, (3 oz. or less);   Baked beans, (8 oz. or less); Shelf stable liquid milk, (8oz)